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  • Kleber Del Claro

Incrível associação entre borboletas e formigas

Assista o video e entenda que borboletas e formigas podem trabalhar cooperativamente!

We investigated the occurrence of myrmecophilous florivorous lycaenid larvae in Banisteriopsis malifolia (Malpighiaceae) according to habitat conservation status (disturbed and preserved savanna), plant phenology, height and the presence of tending ants. The abundance and richness of lycaenids were sixfold and fivefold greater, respectively, in the disturbed area than in the protected savanna. Lycaenids occurred mostly on plants visited by Camponotus blandus, a mutualistic partner of larvae. Habitat type was the main factor influencing lycaenid occurrence, as plants in open areas offered more food resources and tending ants. Banisteriopsis malifolia was considered useful as a host for lycaenids in disturbed sites.

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